Managing Director

    Welcome to the a home of enthusiasm and professionalism in travel and event services industry.

    My Experience of promoting Turkey since 1992 to many countries around the world and knowhow developed in years became a true passion to create Crystal Concepts, as a partner of yours to provide end to end solutions from concept design through to planning, implementation and evaluation both in events and in travel arrangements.

    My sign is Virgo and I am living in details, details and details. Straight thinking and being practical are always told to be the most significant characteristic of my sign while the aim is to make things easier for people.

    My personal motto in life is "Be further, Be different, Be perfect".

    I feel no hesitation to make a full commitment that Crystal Concepts and its dedicated team and values are standing by to offer you wider perspective with solutions for your cutting edge or traditional needs.

    And here below, I am happy to introduce you Crystal Concepts’ team who enjoys working with a strong belief in our values and dedicates themselves to full satisfaction and happiness of clients.


    Project Director

    I am in the industry since 2003 . My decision to work for Crystal Concepts is one of my best decision, and I could not be more excited about the working environment as well as the professional staff and the exciting opportunities to create and produce. Crystal Concepts supports my enthusiasm to improve my offerings in this very dynamic industry.

    I am here to provide solutions to the Corporates for their meeting and incentive plannings in Turkey . Every event or incentive eventually become a opportunity for me to make a WOW factor in your expectations.

    I'm fast.. fast in thinking and fast in acting. Proud of being a Leo , I can always get along with you , and ı love to make a difference at work and help to keep the parts moving in sync and iron out any problems before they arise.

    My personal motto in life is ' Be ambitious, be generous, be cheerful'


    Internet Marketing and Sales Director

    When the Marketing and sales have changed its shape, it became an unstopple desire for me to implement all the benefits of technology in to the travel industry. Years of experience in implementing technology in to the several forms of industry, I strongly believe in the golden years area for travel and tourism has just arrived in terms of technology. As a part of this team, I dedicate my self to consider all the possiblities as well as opportunities in technology to create an uninterruptable service for my team and our customers. Using technology as a perfect tool has become mandatory for many years and Crystal Concepts is surely aware of every technological trends of online business today as well as upcoming ones.

    My personal motto in life is ' be focused, be creative , be open minded '


    Account Manager

    Hello, I am Evren Sabuncu. I am working for tourism since 1999.

    I feel really lucky that I have a chance to make a touch in your memorable holidays. Lİfelasting memories of a privately designed holiday will start by sharing your expectations with me and I am here to bring you the world of discoveries in unique corners of Turkey .

    I had the chance to advise to people from all around the world what they should expect in Turkey , and I am proud of having full satisfaction and appreciation after my offerings . My horoscope is Virgo and it is almost unstoppable action to put things in order for my surroundings . Under this strong influence , I am ready to plan detailed alternative programs for your individual leisurely or special trips.

    My personal motto in life is ' Be precise, be considerate , Be reliable '


    Event Manager

    My name is Fulya Yildirim , graduated from Communication and Design in the School of Arts , and since my graduation I have been working for Banquets and Weddings .

    My organizational skills are improving in the dynamic structure of Crystal Concepts , where we dream with you and then we take the responsibility of materializing your dreams. I am extremely happy with this.

    I believe , being stylish, being conceptual and being colorful is a unified combination, my horoscope Pisces makes me little romantic, little crazy and very ambitious at my work , I love people and I love my job.

    In Crystal Concepts, I am the person if you want to share your wedding dreams , and I am the person to go ahead for planning.

    My personal motto in life is ' be attractive, be gentle , be qualified '


    Planning Manager

    Hello, My name is Hasan, I started to work for travel business in 2007 and proud to be in Crystal Concepts.
    I am the person who will bring you together with the vendors, I plan and coordinate the bookings and manage the supplier relations .

    I feel priviledged to interact with many people . As a characteristic of my horoscope "Aquarius" , I am running after innovations and implementatios of new methods of services rather then following conventional ways. I like to explore on behalf of you to provide utmost satisfaction in return to your needs and I know exploration is limitless as long as you run for your dreams.

    In short, you dream of your vacation and let me plan and coordinate.

    My personal motto in life is ' explore , care and be practical '